Supercharge SharePoint

with SharePoint Flex

SharePoint Flex is a fully configurable SharePoint-based CRM solution. Our robust on-premises SharePoint CRM application is designed to help you centralize and manage important business intelligence. Designed to enhance the value and functionality of SharePoint, SharePoint Flex enables the rapid development of unique and scalable information and relationship management solutions. 

SharePoint Flex supports operational improvements. Streamline business processes, reduce costs, and improve human output and results while utilizing your existing SharePoint infrastructure. Flex helps you structure and manage information so that you gain insight into your operations.

We tout our SharePoint CRM as the most affordable and cost-effective solution on the market because, well, it’s true. With plans as low as $12/mo. per user, we believe in creating powerful SharePoint-based software that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Let us show you how Flex can be configured to align with your unique business processes.



Every purchase includes:

  • SharePoint Flex Software
  • Flex Outlook Plugin
  • PivotPoint for Flex (SWFE)


The Complementary Up and Running Services Package includes:

  • Configuration Help
  • Branding Service
  • SharePoint Flex Overview
  • Installation Guidance
  • Lists, Forms and Fields Review
  • 1st Year Support and Updates
  • Administrator Guide Review

We are hosting a LIVE webinar soon!

SharePoint Flex is a fully configurable SharePoint-based CRM solution. However, SharePoint Flex was built to manage much more than customer relationships. Whatever type of information or relationship you’re looking to manage, Flex can help you manage it more effectively. See how Flex could work for you at our live webinar.