Our Partners

CCS partners provide custom solutions to enhance the productivity of SharePoint, Outlook and other Office 365 applications.

Reliable Direction

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We partner with Pentalogic.net for their range of innovative and easy to use SharePoint web parts – planning, analysis, dashboard, charting and alert tools to help drive user adoption of your SharePoint sites.

Use your SharePoint to implement any business process in minutes, using nothing but your browser.
Leveraging the included components, you can create interactive, dynamic forms, easily implement complex workflows and display your data visually for decision makers.

iGlobe CRM Solution is a customer-driven SharePoint and SharePoint Online application that ensures a total customer overview by giving a 360 angle view of the activities and the relationship to the Customer.

SharePoint Flex is a fully configurable SharePoint-based CRM solution. Our robust on-premises SharePoint CRM application is designed to help you centralize and manage important business intelligence.

We specialize in development of SharePoint and Office 365 add-ins, business intelligence and consulting services. Our main goal is to improve user experience in SharePoint and reduce cost of development and configuration.